01. 11, 2012



   Chinese Communist Party, before establishment of the country, in order to obtain governing rights, pleaded Autonomous Self Governing Rights for Mongolian people and approved a complete independence or establishment of a Federation of Mongolian State within Federation of Chinese States.
South Mongolian people, believ

ing in this promise by Chinese Communist Party, joined the revolution with them. The Chinese Communist Party, as soon as the establishment of political power in 1949, betrayed and breached the above ^promise ̄ and reduced and decimated South Mongolian State as a mere puppet slave of Chinese government. The rest is a sad history.

Since then for 63 years of atrocity and oppression of Chinese Communist Party to South Mongolia has been continuing and the situation is exacerbating. Elite Mongolians have been purged or imprisoned and a large numbers of Mongolians have been massacred. Economically, all Mongolian lands were taken away by Chinese. There are no land owner in South Mongolia now. They are leasing the land from Chinese Communist Party for 20 year term lease. The Chinese Communist Party gave away those lands robbed from Mongolians to Han Chinese farmers migrated from China in mass. This destroyed a traditional Mongolian cattle breeding life style completely. Also 99% of rare earth minerals in the world has been mined in South Mongolia only. Chinese Communist Party and Chinese business persons plundered those minerals from South Mongolian. This caused the world technology in great jeopardy.

The above wanton excavation of natural resources completely destroyed Mongolian natural environment and economy.

From cultural point of view, Chinese Communist Party abolished Mongolian school system, conducting cultural genocide. South Mongolians are on the verge of extinction. A similar situations are being experienced by Uyghur and Tibet. 

Therefore, in order to avoid Mongolian genocide by Chinese Communist Party, we declare the following:

1 Work in solidarity with Uyghur and Tibet, move forward categorically and unequivocally with our independence movement.

2. Respecting the value of freedom and democracy, ethnic independence is our inalienable due right historically and work together with other Asian nations who maintain the same aspirations as above.

3. Chinese Communist Party should cease and desist one party dictatorship, should recognize freedom of speech, assembly, and establishment of democracy and the right of autonomous government. Also we demand freedom of movement within South Mongolian territories.

4. We demand strict adherence to the Universal human rights which was established by the United Nations in 1948.

5. We demand an investigation party to be brought in to South Mongolia to investigate human rights violation in situ.

6. We further demand Chinese Communist Party to release all the South Mongolian political prisoners.

7. We demand immediate dismantling of Chinese Military stationed in South Mongolia.

8. We further demand immediate removal of Chinese martial law.

9. We demand immediate cessation of illegal excavation and plundering of South Mongolian under ground natural resources.

10. We demand preservation and maintaining of Mongolian culture.

11. We demand an equitable participation by South Mongolians for the autonomous regions political activities.

12. We further demand the cessation of immigration of Han Chinese to South Mongolia.

13. We demand abolishment of ^Republic of People of China Land Management Law ̄ immediately. Thus South Mongolian should have a right to own land as before.

14. We demand judgment and legal procedures on
v今賠 (Teng hai quing) who was the main culprit of South Mongolian massacre.

15. We the South Mongolians do hereby resolve the above demands and declarations and determined to work not only with Uyghur and Tibet ethnic groups, recognizing these three ethnic groups independent autonomous government, which will be recognized by thoughtful Chinese people but also by the all the other international communities.

South Mongolia Human Rights Protection Alliance





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